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Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs Vape Bar Disposable Kit- Prime Vape UAE

د.إ 40.00د.إ 350.00

E-liquid: 10ml, pre-filled. Maximum puffs: Up to 3500 puffs. Salt Nicotine: 20mg / 2%. Battery capacity: 1350mAh. Activation: Draw-inhale firing mechanism. Flavors: 20 available flavors.

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Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs Vape Bar Disposable Kit- Prime Vape UAE: This is a new disposable vape version, introduced most recently, and it already crated enough craze and attraction to the e-cigarette’s users. The ghost pro 3500 puffs disposable vape pod has 20 flavors variety; all the flavors are so excellent and delicious. you can choose any flavor from the ghost pro; we believe, you will love it. The new disposable vape version ghost pro introduced some very exceptional flavors; we can mention here some of them: Caramel tobacco, Cinnamon Fireball Candy, Strawberry Peach Citrus, Fruits Twists, Glacier mint; else. So, now you can realize that the ghost pro brought to us a new horizon of disposable vape. It so excellent in design also; with very nice color coating differently in every different flavor. So, it’s time to enjoy the new disposable vape kit ghost pro.

More Explanation of Ghost pro 3500 Puffs

Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs Vape Bar Disposable Kit has 10ml premium quality e-liquid; the device is fully pre-filled with 10ml e-liquid. So, without any doubt it will provide you up to 3500 very savory puffs. Also, to keep alive the device up to 3500 puffs, it has an integrated 1350mAh battery; the battery is fully pre-charged, it will serve the device till the end of 3500 puffs. The ghost pro disposable vape pod contains 20mg salt nicotine; in another ways we can call it 2% salt nicotine. So, 20mg is a moderate level of salt nicotine, not too high not too low. That’s why people like much 20mg salt nicotine disposable vape. Also, it is less harmful in health purpose than any 50mg disposable vape.

Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs Vape Bar Disposable Kit comes without power button. But it is so easy to activate the device. After the unpacking a new device, just you have to draw-inhale the device gently. So, it will be activated immediately. Also, it has best mouthpiece and smoothest airflow controller. Overall, it’s a nice disposable vape for you. You can carry it almost everywhere. Nevertheless, it will add some extra attraction in your stylish daily life.

Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs Flavors

Peach Mango: Sour sweetness of peach with some nectarine notes blended with mango sweetness.

Blueberry Pomegranate: Fresh blueberry light sweetness with some grape notes merged with pomegranate sour sweetness with a hint of cranberry notes.

Strawberry Grape: It will provide you strawberry sweetness, such a red apple and pineapple sweetness with low sweetness of ripe grape.

Pina Colada: Pineapple sweetness merged with soft cola taste.

Strawberry Peach Citrus: Strawberry and peach sweetness are covered by citrus tanginess.

Cinnamon Fireball Candy: Best herby taste with candy sweetness will provide you the best vaping experience. One of the most famous Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs kits.

Cola Ice: Pure soft cola taste with ice cool menthol freshness.

Caramel Tobacco: Toasted tobacco taste with caramel sweetness.

Rainbow: Mix tropical fruity taste with sour-sweet notes.

Sour Apple: Fresh green apple sourness with some strawberry notes.

Juicy Grape Berries: Juicy grape sweetness milted with blueberry, and raspberry sweetness with some acceptable sour notes.

Caribbean Crush:

Watermelon Freeze: Blended Juicy watermelon taste with soft coolness. In any hot summer day, you can enjoy much Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs watermelon freeze vape device.

Strawberry Lime: peach like strawberry sweetness is covered by lemon tanginess.

Cherry Watermelon Freeze:

Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon light sweetness with ice menthol

Aloe Grape: Aloe vera herby taste with low sweetness of grape.

Mixed Berry Menthol: Berry fruits sweetness merged with menthol freshness.

Pink Lady:

Blueberry Raspberry Cherry:

Fizzy Cherry Sweets:

Ghost Pro 3500 Puffs features

Premium quality e-liquid: 10ml, pre-filled.
Maximum puffs: Up to 3500 puffs.
Salt Nicotine: 20mg / 2%.
Battery capacity: 1350mAh.
Activation: Draw-inhale firing mechanism.
Flavors: 20 available flavors.

Package Type:

1 Vape bar Ghost pro kit in 1 pack.
10 Vape bar Ghost pro kits in 1 box.


Vape bar ghost pro kit contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
We sell Ghost pro kit only to the legal aged people, who are 18+.
So, if you are under the legal age, then please don’t visit our site and don’t by our products.
Always keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

Ghost Pro Best price in Dubai UAE

1 Piece Ghost Pro Vape price 40 AED. Box price 350 AED. 1 Box contains 10 pieces kits. So, you are getting 50 AED discount, when you buy 1 box kits; it is our best offer.

Our delivery Zone:

We deliver most of the places in UAE, almost allover: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm All Quwain, Al Ain.

Ghost Pro Flavors

Aloe Grape, Banana Ice, Blackcurrant Berry Squash, Blueberry Pomegranate, Blueberry Raspberry Cherry, Caramel Tobacco, Carribean Crush, Cinnamon Fireball Candy, Cola Ice, Fizzy Cherry Sweets, Fruits Twists, Glacier Mint, Juicy Grape Berries, Mixed Berry Menthol, Peach Mango, Pina Colada, Pink Lady, Rainbow, Skittles, Sour Apple, Strawberry Grape, Strawberry Lime, Strawberry Peach Citrus, Watermelon Freeze, Watermelon Ice

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1 Box (10 pieces), 1 Piece


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